RTE: Renters say they were assaulted in Dublin as they were leaving their car in an industrial estate

More than a hundred people took to the streets of Dublin on Saturday in the latest demonstration against the introduction of new measures that would ban people renting from out of town.

About a dozen protesters gathered at the site of a car rental agency in the industrial estate of Ballymun, outside Dublin’s south-west city of Clonmel.

They were protesting against the new restrictions that would force people to leave their homes in an area that is mainly home to hotels and other businesses.

In a separate protest, another group of about 20 people gathered at a local church, where they chanted slogans and held banners.

“It’s our freedom to choose our own home,” one protester told RTE.

“We have the right to live in our own homes.

We don’t need to be forced to stay in a hotel.

We’re the ones who should pay for the hotels.”

Protest groups from Dublin city centre and the rest of Dublin met at the Ballymuir Road Church on Saturday afternoon.

Protestor Sam Breen said he was against the move, but was not opposed to the idea of renting out a home.

“The problem with renting out is that people will stay, and there will be no one left to pay for it.”

I’m against the whole thing, but I’m not opposed.

“He said he wanted to see more people join the protests, but would not be a participant himself.”

If we have to go and sit at the table, then we are in it together,” he said.

He said people would be free to rent their own homes in the future.”

What we’re going to do is get more people involved in our movement and get them to join us, because we’re the only ones who are really going to make a difference,” he added.”

This is a problem for all of us.

We need to get this sorted.

“Meanwhile, in nearby Dublin, a number of protesters gathered outside a hotel in the suburb of Clontarf, where protesters have been camped out for weeks to demonstrate against the changes.

The protesters were holding signs and chanting slogans, and they said they would continue to protest until they saw the government take action.”

You’re not going to get a house from us.

You’re going get a car from us,” said protester Sean O’Connor.”

Do we want to live on a flat?

Are we going to have to pay?

Do we want the police to come and take our cars?””

You have to think about this from a human and not from a financial point of view,” said protestor Liam Murphy.”

When the government comes in, they’re going for rent.

It’s not about renting.

“Some of the protesters said they had already made some changes to their accommodation plans.”

There is a lot of pressure going on,” protester Conor MacLeod said.”

For me, the most important thing right now is the safety of my family, because I’m going to be at work on Monday.

“Earlier, a group of protesters were arrested after blocking the route to the hotel.

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