New South Wales’ new car rental program allows Australians to rent cars without a licence

NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia — A new state-wide car rental scheme is allowing people to rent car rental cars without having a commercial licence.

Car rental company Expedia says the new scheme allows people to easily rent a car from a network of car rental companies, including Cars Australia, and Hertz.

The company says it is working with the Australian Motor Industry Association and the National Car Rental Council (NCRC) to ensure that all customers have access to the car rental network.

CarRental Car says its car rental service is being rolled out across Australia in an effort to increase car ownership.

“In the first phase of the rollout, there will be an average of five car rentals per month in Sydney and Brisbane, with Melbourne and Perth the most popular cities to choose from,” it said.

“In Melbourne, the car rentals will be at an average cost of $300 per month.

In Sydney, we will be offering an average price of $500 per month for the car-sharing program.”

A car rental app called CarRent is currently available in Australia.

The Australian Car Rent Association says the scheme is being implemented across Australia, and it is the first state-level program to offer car rental car insurance.

The scheme was announced by the NSW Liberal Party at a party room meeting on Tuesday, but there has been no media coverage.

Car Rental Car Australia has been offering the car insurance policy since March, when the NSW Liberals introduced their “car insurance for rent” policy.

The NSW Liberal party says it will be a good idea for other states to follow suit, and said it was looking to introduce similar schemes across the country.

“We will continue to work with our local partners in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to expand our existing CarRented program across the states and territories to ensure more people can access car rental insurance at an affordable price,” the NSW LNP said in a statement.

“While this is only a pilot, it demonstrates the benefits of car sharing in terms of saving money and ensuring more people are able to get around the state and get to work.”

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