Google: “The New Car Rentals”

New York Times article Google is rolling out new car rental options in the Miami area.

Starting Monday, a search for a rental car will no longer appear on Google Maps, as the company has announced it will launch an app that lets you rent a car online from one of the company’s own parking facilities.

The search engine giant said it will also add a new car search option to its own app, allowing users to search for and book cars from a variety of locations.

Google says it will begin offering car rentals through the app at a variety that are accessible from its main Miami parking facility.

“We’re rolling out a lot of new ways to connect people with vehicles that can be fun, affordable and easy to use,” said Matt Pincus, senior vice president of product management for Google Maps.

Google launched its CarRental app in October and says it now has over 1.5 million cars in its fleet.

“In Miami, there’s a lot more cars on the road and a lot less parking,” said Paul Gaffney, director of research at the National Parking Foundation.

“You can drive to the airport with no car on the street, and a car rental service would give you the option to walk to the terminal.”

Google says the new app will allow users to find car rentals and make reservations online.

Google will provide car rental information and availability from the app in Miami starting Monday, but will not provide car reservation details or provide a link to make reservations through the Google Maps app, according to Google.

In Miami, you’ll be able to rent a new Toyota Prius, a Nissan Altima, a Ford Fusion, a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, a Jeep Wrangler, a Toyota Camry, a Dodge Charger, a Honda Fit, a Mazda RX-7 and a Ford Focus.

“This is a great way to get into the car rental game,” Gaffey said.

“It’s not just a matter of renting a car, it’s finding cars you can rent.”

Google will also start offering car rental services in Puerto Rico starting Monday.

Google is partnering with the local public transportation authority, which operates the Metro Miami Regional Transit Authority.

Users will be able search for car rental locations in the city by area.

Google said the company is also adding car rental car sites to its service map.

“The availability of car rental sites in Puerto Rican cities has been slow,” said Pincuss.

“But with the launch of the Google CarRent app, we’re now able to offer more cars to those who can access them, as well as providing a direct link to those locations,” he said.

The new car sites will also be available through Google’s own CarRanch app.

The Google CarCars app is not currently available in Puerto Ricos, but Google is planning to add the feature to its app in the coming months.

The company’s CarRents app is also coming to the iPhone and Android devices of users who live in Puerto rico.

Google has previously announced that it will soon offer its own car rental app to consumers in Puerto ricos.

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