A car rental company’s price hike is getting some negative feedback

A car renting company’s recent price hike that will see prices go up by an average of 15 per cent has got some critics complaining about the new rules.

A spokesperson for Carraings Rentals said the company’s goal was to increase revenue by 50 per cent and to offer more choice.

“We have a number of products that are more popular than others and that’s why they’ve decided to increase the price,” the spokesperson told the ABC.

“Some of them are not on our platform, but others are.”

The spokesperson said Carraing Rentals had recently launched a new car rental plan and would be releasing an additional vehicle rental option to complement the company existing service.

Carraers spokesperson says company wants to increase revenues and offer more options.

But there are some critics of the price hike, and they are not happy with the new rental plans.

“The pricing increases aren’t really what we’re looking for, they’re just an excuse to raise prices to make more money,” said Victoria Carraes customer service worker Laura Purdie.

Ms Purdies husband, Matt, is a car rental driver and was shocked by the announcement.

“This is not fair, this is a ridiculous price increase,” he said.

“They are charging a lot more than what they need to be charging for, and there’s not any options to choose from.”

The car rental companies spokesperson said the prices would be increased by 15 per% over the next three years.

They will also be introducing a new pricing option in the coming months.

“Our pricing will change depending on how much more people use our services,” they said.

Car rental company says price hikes ‘not fair’ The spokesperson did not provide a specific reason for the price increase, but they said the new pricing would be made available to customers on a rolling basis.

However, some car rental users say the increase will mean they won’t be able to get a car that they want.

“I just can’t go through with that deal, I just don’t want to have to deal with that,” said customer service manager Lisa O’Connell.

“That’s not fair.

That’s not what Carra is about.”

“It’s just ridiculous that they’ve been charging so much and it’s just a huge pain in the arse.”

Customer service worker Lisa O, of Carraations Rentals, says she’s unhappy with the price hikes.

“It doesn’t make sense to charge so much more for the same product,” she said.

Customer service manager Liz O’Conner says she doesn’t want a car.

“For the same price you could rent a car for about $300 a week,” she told the Australian Financial Review.

“Why can’t they make a deal for me and my family that’s cheaper?”

Ms O’Connors husband Matt says the company had recently announced plans to change its pricing.

“My hope is that this will just lead to a lot of people going back to the car rental market, but I think it will make a lot less sense for some of them.”

‘I’m not happy about the price increases’ Carraies Rentals spokesperson says they have been increasing the price of their car rental plans, but have yet to reveal the changes to the consumer.

“When we initially launched the service in 2015 we raised our prices by 15 percent per annum,” the company said.

“While this is still a very small increase, it is a price increase that has not been met with our customers’ enthusiasm and support. “

“Many of our customers have said that they have not been able to use our car rental service in the past and we have to accept that fact. “

“There is an ongoing need for affordable car rental services in Victoria and Carraees has been a leader in providing affordable car rentals to Victoria.” “

The price increase is not the first time the company has been criticised. “

There is an ongoing need for affordable car rental services in Victoria and Carraees has been a leader in providing affordable car rentals to Victoria.”

The price increase is not the first time the company has been criticised.

In 2017 the company was fined $2.2 million by the Victorian Government for breaching consumer protection laws.

Consumer groups and some car owners have expressed concern about the car renting industry.

Carraings rent website, which was launched in 2014, is now unavailable for some users, although it has been available since February 2018.

The company is also facing legal action in Victoria over an alleged breach of the Fair Trading Act.

Car Rentals Rentals website, launched in October 2014, has been unavailable since March 2018.


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