‘I can’t afford it’: Man with a car rental car is forced to sell it

“I have been in the car rental business for about seven years and I can’t even afford it,” he said.

“I can see why people say it’s not affordable.

It’s not cheap.

It doesn’t have a good safety record, and I don’t like it.”

Mr Wylie said his business is struggling because of the low price tag.

In the meantime, he has sold his car to pay off the rent.

He is working with the council to find another way to pay for the car.

The council’s finance director, Simon Bannister, said the rental rate in the city was “low and not very affordable”.

“We would need to see how much money would be spent in the short term on rent and the longer term on maintenance and insurance,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

‘We just have to make sure it’s all going to be there’It was not always this way, he said, with rental cars starting out costing around $400 per month.

But after about five years of being in business, Mr Wylies business has turned around, with more than 10,000 cars rented, and it has seen a “significant increase in footfall” in recent months.

Mr Bannisters office has seen the rental market increase from around 20 to 40 per cent of the total rental market.

“[But] that is still a low price to rent for someone to be driving a car for a while,” he added.

Since the end of the year, the council has spent $4,500 on a new car rental unit and a new insurance policy, he explained.

With the current rental rates, Mr Banniers business is about to see a significant increase in income, with rents expected to reach around $2,000 by the end, he added, with the rental cost of the car going up by another $1,000.

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