How to find the perfect car rental in Boston

Boston, MA – March 12, 2018 – Car rental sites are getting smarter with the introduction of a new feature that will allow users to filter by price, length, and destination.

In the future, this feature will be integrated into more of the popular sites and may eventually be part of the standard car rental service that will soon be available for rental.

The service is called and it’s currently available on the site of Car Rentals Boston.

A few days ago, the company introduced a new service called

CarRentals Boston is now offering as well.

“We’re excited to roll out CarBikeshare to our users.

We know it can be challenging to find a good bike rental, but with CarBiker, we’re working to make that experience easier for our users,” said Matt Siegel, co-founder and CTO of, in a statement.

“CarBike offers users a way to rent bicycles and is one of the few places that lets users rent bikes for longer distances than the typical two-hour rental for a bike, which can take anywhere from five to 10 hours.”

Siegel added that users can search for rentals within the site’s search bar, and that the site will work with both car rental companies and local bike shops.

“With CarBiking, we hope to help our users find great rides, get great deals, and help them save money while enjoying their ride,” he added.

“The site will also let users know about local bike rentals in their area, as well as bike deals they can try out.

If you’ve been searching for a ride for over an hour, CarBitch, we want to hear from you.”

The new features are not available in the app for iOS yet.

A spokesperson for CarRays said the feature will roll out over the coming weeks and the company will also begin offering its own app in the coming months.

For now, CarRide is available in Boston and the Bay Area, and the service is also available for purchase in Portland, Oregon.

“Carrying a bike for longer than two hours isn’t something you can do on your own,” said Rob Hutton, owner of the bike rental company CarRates Portland.

“But if you want to ride a bike on the road for longer, we have a bike rental app that will get you started.

The app will allow you to find rides within your local area and you can rent bikes to get to the rides faster than you can on the car.” is also getting a boost with the launch of its own car rental app, Car The company’s website states that users are “brought in by the owners of our brand and are looking to rent bikes and other accessories on demand, at great prices.”

“The new CarBipeds app is the first of its kind to offer customers the ability to rent a car for as long as they want,” the website states.

“Our service is designed to make it easy for users to get on a bike while they work out, go for a run, or take their children to school, and also to keep them from going out on their own.”

Car offers the same service, but users must pay for the service using a credit card.

“As a company that is dedicated to bringing people together, we see this as a way for us to bring people together on a fun, fun ride,” said Jason Stutz, CEO of Car Bikers.

“When users go on a trip, we can give them great prices and they’ll be able to do whatever they want with their bikes.”

CarRiders Boston is not the first company to offer its own bike rental service.

The New York City-based bike rental site, Car Rides New York, launched in 2016.

The company has a growing following and has already secured partnerships with major companies such as Lyft, Postmates, and Uber.

However, in 2017, the Boston-based company shut down its car rental business.

The Boston-area company, however, plans to continue to offer car rental services.

“Bike rental in Massachusetts is booming, with more than 6,000 car rental spaces available nationwide, according to the Boston Chamber of Commerce.

We’ve partnered with some of the top companies to create a truly local and convenient car rental experience,” said Stutz in a company press release.

“This is a great example of the great work that goes into the local economy.”

“When we launched CarRiding, we realized that we had a lot of users who had never used a car and didn’t want to use one,” said John E. DeFaro, CEO and co-chair of CarRites Boston.

“That’s when we realized we could bring people in who don’t have access to transportation or don’t want a car, and get

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