New York City Car Rental Deals: New York Times, The Times of London

New York, NY — Car rental prices are going up nationwide.

The cost of renting a car in New York and across the country has increased 10.5% to $1,636 per month, according to a report released Thursday by The New York State Office of Administrative Services.

Car rental deals have gone up more than 20% nationally since 2013, and car rental prices in New Jersey are up 8.3% to an average of $1.835 per month.

The average New Jersey rental price is $1.,054, the report said.

Car rentals are up by more than 25% in New Orleans, New York’s most expensive city, where the average car rental price was up 15.3%.

In Houston, which has the nation’s third-highest median income, the average cost of a car rental was $1 in 2016, up 17.4% from 2015, according the report.

“These increases are particularly noteworthy for Houston because car rental sales have been on the rise,” said Steve Miller, vice president of marketing and communications at the Texas Association of Governments.

In Chicago, car rental rates are up 16.6% since 2015, while in Milwaukee, rental prices have increased more than 40%.

In Dallas, car prices are up 24.4%.

“The average rental in Dallas was $2,547 in 2016.

That’s a 25% increase over 2015, and a 13.8% increase from 2015,” Miller said.

A new car rental deal in New Hampshire is expected to see an increase of about 25% to about $1 per month in 2019, according a report by the National Association of Realtors.

The NAR says rates are expected to be the highest in the country when it comes to a rental.

Car rentals will be up for sale in most cities in the Southeast as well as some rural areas.

On the East Coast, rental rates in Boston are up 10.4%, according to the NAR.

New Jersey is the state with the highest cost of car rental, with an average rental price of $2.092 per month nationally, according.

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