US car rental firm says it’s in talks with Uber, Airbnb about joining alliance

The US-based car rental giant Equifax has said it is in talks to join forces with the global digital advertising giant Uber and Airbnb in an effort to improve the sharing economy.

The companies announced the partnership on Monday, saying they will share more details soon.

In addition to sharing data, the two companies plan to “build an open platform that will allow people to discover and discover other people who share their interests”, Equifax said in a statement.

“We will share the technology, the tools and the services that will enable our members to find, engage and connect with others in a way that makes them more comfortable sharing their interests,” Airbnb said in the statement.

In a separate statement, Equifax’s chief technology officer, Scott Hager, said the partnership would give Equifax access to Uber’s technology and the “world’s largest community of consumers”.

He said the company would be a “first-class partner” in its efforts to make the sharing industry “better”.

“With this partnership, Equitable will gain access to the world’s largest consumer data set,” Hager said.

“Equifax is committed to building a network that enables us to do that.”

The companies are part of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), a trade group of the world´s largest internet and mobile advertising companies. 

Uber has said that it plans to offer its own car rental service as part of its partnership with Equifax. 

In an interview with the Financial Times on Tuesday, Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick said that he expected the two sides to work together to make “big data-driven solutions” available to customers.

“The more we can make that happen, the better,” Kalanik said.

Uber, which already operates in more than a dozen cities in the US and Canada, has already said that its car rental app will be available in the new partnership.

It has also said that the new arrangement will be open to any company with an existing relationship with the two internet giants.

“Uber is excited to partner with Equitable, a leading consumer data provider and the largest consumer sharing economy,” Uber said in its statement.

“We believe that by collaborating with Equity, Uber will make sharing easier, more convenient and more secure for consumers, which in turn will lead to greater economic growth for all of us.”

Uber also said it would offer its cars for $7.99 a day, which it says is a lower price than the $16.99 Uber drivers currently pay.

Uber also launched a smartphone app on Tuesday that lets users book their rides from their smartphone.

It also said on Monday that it would expand its car sharing to include public transportation.

The announcement comes as Uber has been caught in a dispute with some US lawmakers over data privacy. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Uber has come under fire for failing to protect consumers’ personal data after it came under fire from privacy groups for failing, in April, to hand over data from some of its drivers.

Uber said that data from its drivers had been retained on their smartphones.

But Uber is also facing criticism for not providing drivers with privacy policies for drivers.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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